Committee Games

On this page, we will announce the Weekly Challenges of the Committee Games. For every challenge, each committee can earn points. Creativity is rewarded, so think out of the box? At the end of the year, we will hand out an amazing prize to the winning committee! Video’s and pictures of the challenges can be sent to Marlon: or +31 6 81036509 before Friday 5 pm every week. Every now and then, some creative, fun and inspiring submissions will be shared on this page!

The first week of December has started so it is time to see which Committees are in first, second and third place of the Committee Games! Ofcourse, everything can still change, so keep up with the challenges every week to earn a great prize in the end! Good luck!

1. CIA

2. CFA

3. Study Trip

Challenge 1 (week 40)


Take a picture of your first meeting, all wearing the Babylon colours.

Challenge 2 (week 41)


Go follow each other on social media and create a Snapchat group.

Challenge 3 (week 42)


Make sure everyone has picked up their Babylon sticker at the Babkam (make sure to schedule an appointment through our website).

Challenge 4 (week 43)


Form the letters “Babylon” with your hands during the next meeting!

Challenge 5 (week 44)


Make sure everyone in your committee signs up (individually) for the Active Member Evening!

Challenge 6 (week 45)


Change your background in the zoom meeting during the next meeting. 

Challenge 7 (week 46)


Follow Babylon on LinkedIn!

Challenge 8 (week 47)


Now our beloved “Sinterklaas” and his “pieten” are back in our country, it is time for a Weekly Challenge that is “Sinterklaas” themed! Since it is a tradition to write poems for each other on “pakjesavond”, the Weekly Challenge will be to write a poem for the coordinator of your committee! The best poem will get the most points. Good luck! 

Challenge 9 (week 48)


Come up with a committee motto! 

Challenge 10 (week 49)


Put as many “pepernoten” in your mouth as possible! The more people try it the better! Of course, do not forget to film it and send it to your coordinator!

Challenge 11 (week 50)


Now “Sinterklaas” is out of the country it is time to get excited for Christmas! So, this weeks Weekly Challenge will be; put on a christmas sweater during your next meeting!

Challenge 12 (week 4)


Make a list of the 5 best good intentions of your committee for this year!

Challenge 13 (week 5)


Hurry and still sign up for ‘Drinkopoly’ with the whole committee!

Challenge 14 (week 6)

Write a love letter to Maud with your committee for Valentine’s Day!

Challenge 15 (week 7)

Put on your craziest “carnaval” outfit and send a picture of it to Marlon! The crazier the more points!

Challenge 16 (week 8)

Come up with a fun challenge for the ‘Crazy Carnival Challenge’ ! 

Challenge 17 (week 10)

Wear the colors of Babylon with your committee during the AME!

Challenge 18 (week 14)

Bring as many family members as possible to the Family Day next week (15 April)!

Challenge 19 (week 19)

Send in gossip for the ‘Big After Lockdown Cantus’!

Challenge 20 (week 21)

Now it is possible again, go sit on the terrace with as many committee members as possible!