Career Committee

The Career Committee is one of the formal committees of Babylon and it aims to create a bridge between students and the professionals in the work field. This is mainly done by organising workshops, like LinkedIn workshops, Photoshop workshops or sales trainings.
In addition, the Career Committee is responsible for organising the annual Career Event in March. During the Career Event, communication professionals from different companies will give presentations about their work. In previous years we have welcomed journalists, marketing specialists, communication advisors, spokespersons and many more. You will learn how to organise an event and, more specifically, how to communicate with the professional world.
In this committee you will develop networking and organisational skills. It is a good opportunity to get to know more people, speak with professionals and learn more about the working world.

Study Trip Committee

If you are looking for a committee where you can have loads of fun by organising a big activity with fellow students but where you also have a lot of responsibility, the Study Trip Committee might be right up your alley. As the name says, the Study Trip Committee is responsible for organising the annual study trip of Babylon. Together with your committee, you make sure everything is arranged for your fellow students that join you on the trip. You get to chose the location, arrange flight/train tickets, book a hotel, organise formal as well as informal activities and much more!