Congress Committee

As a member of the Congress Committee you work towards one big event, namely the annual congress. During the congress there will be several speakers from the world of communication who will give a lecture about their specific domain. There are also a few rounds of workshops so that the attendees will have an interesting and interactive day. Organising the congress means that you will have to arrange literally everything. You will have to book interesting speakers, sell the tickets, receive attendees and speakers, and many more!

A big plus for next year’s congress is that it will be the National Day of Communication. Because of that there will be more money available and all the communication study associations from The Netherlands will be present. What distinguishes the Congress Committee from the other committees, is that it is a mixed committee between Babylon and Mycelium. So you will get to know new people as well!

So, do you want to work towards one big formal event, meet new people, and work on your professional network? Join the Congress Committee!

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee organises several sport events during the year, the biggest one being the Ski Trip. You will organise the trip itself and also some activities during the week, such as a (room) pub crawl and a theme party. Next to these activities, you will make sure that everything is alright, with regard to the skiing equipment and the skiing passes. There will also be several minor activities during the year that you will organise with the sports committee. Last year, the committee organised a Babylon Beach Tournament. Moreover, the Sports Committee is responsible that everything is taken care of during the ‘Batavierenrace’. This is a running race from Nijmegen to Enschede, which will be done in stages by study associations from the entire country. Afterwards there will be a big party, which is also really fun. You will meet once a week to make sure that every event will be organised well.