Prom Committee
Hi future prom commissioner!
Last February the Prom Committee organised the annual Prom! This is THE night of the year everybody talks about. For the ones that have never been to one of these proms, the past years we organised a prom together with the study associations BOW, Mundus, and Postelein. This means that the committee is a joint committee consisting of members of multiple associations. The Prom Committee is, compared to other committees such as the CIA, a less time consuming committee. You’ll come together with your committee about two times per month, except near the date of the prom, you’ll need to meet more often. This committee is perfect when you are a first-year student to get to know people, or when you already know the association but you don’t have much spare time.
Since the prom committee includes organising one amazing event you’ll be completely focussed on that. For the creative ones among you: you can really use your imagination. From decorations to the DJ and photographer, you’ll arrange it!
To conclude: are you willing to help your study association, but you are not sure how much spare time you’ll have, you are creative, social, and not afraid to handle things? You are the future prom commissioner!!

Weekend Committee
The Weekend Committee is one of the newer committees of Babylon. During the Babylon weekend, a group of approximately 40 Babylonians will go to a location somewhere in the Netherlands. This weekend will be filled with fun and ‘gezellige’ activities, such as games, a party and a Cantus. This weekend will take place in the second semester, but a lot of things need to be arranged beforehand to make it the best weekend possible. That’s why the Weekend Committee already starts in the first semester.

The Weekend Committee isn’t the most busy committee, but it is very fun to work towards a bigger activity as a weekend with your fellow committee members. Besides that, organising a weekend leaves a lot of space for creative ideas which is also very fun!