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Imagine yourself a real Greek god(dess) on GODINglorious! 🏛 On 30 May we will turn de Molenstraat into the Olympus for an evening and we will not drink beer, but nectar of the gods! 🍯 In addition, we will bless our throats well with the divine drink GO(L)Dstrike as we dance the starry night away. You can get beer for 2.20 euros, wine for 2.50 euros, Bacardi Razz 7-up for 3 euros and a delicious shot of GO(L)Dstrike for only 2 euros! 🍻 Do you want to be present at this spectacular event? Then make sure you are in de Molenstraat on 30 May.

A ticket for members costs 1 euro and for non-members 2 euros. So bring your member card (or sticker) with you! The party takes place at the Drie Gezusters and Heidi’s Skihut and starts at 10.00 pm, see you then!


Babylon, de ESV, GSV Excalibur, Mycelium, Postelein, SVN