Babylon Room

Babylon has its own room at the Radboud University, called the Babylon Room (Babkam), and it is located on the 12th floor, room 9 in the Erasmus building (E12.09). You can come the Babkam to ask questions, to sign up for activities, to buy merchandise or just to relax a bit between, before or after lectures.

The Babkam is open for its members every Monday to Thursday between 10.30 AM and 4 PM and Fridays between 12.30 AM and 2.30 PM. During these open office hours, there is always someone of the board present at the Babkam.



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lloyd (Chair & Commissioner of External Affairs) 10.30-1.00       12.30-2.30
Sven (Secretary)   10.30-1.00   10.30-1.00  
Daniël (Treasurer) 1.00-4.00   1.00-4.00    
Coen (Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Confidant)   1.00-4.00   1.00-4.00  
Daan (Commissioner of Activities)     10.30-1.00    
Closed due to board meeting     3.30-4.00