Current board


Hi guys! My name is Anna Bos and I am 22 years old. Right now, I am a fourth-year student and follow courses that I find interesting. Last year I passed all of my courses of the Spanish track of IBC. This year I am very proud to call myself the Chair of the thirty-third board of Babylon. I come from the beautiful north of the Netherlands, namely from the province called ‘Friesland’. However, I also love living in Nijmegen because there is so much to do and I love meeting new people here as well.


During my first year as a member of Babylon, I joined the Committee of Informal Activities. I am so glad I made this decision because I got to meet so many members of Babylon during the activities that we organized. The year after that I wanted to continue my time as an active member and chose to join the Orientation Week Committee. This was a great way to get to know the new members of Babylon. Last year I was the chair of the Publication Committee. I loved making content for our magazine! Because I love Babylon and its members so much, I decided to apply for a board year to continue my time here in Nijmegen and Babylon.

As Chair of Babylon, I have the ultimate responsibility of our study association. It is my job to lead and coordinate the board and to make sure all of us are doing their job right. I hope to be able to meet all of you (hopefully in person) very soon! You can always come for me to a fun chat, some banter or if you need someone to talk to. I am very excited to organise fun activities for all of you to hopefully make your time as a member of Babylon unforgettable!


Anna Bos

Chair 2021-2022


Hi! I’m Imke Janssen, 21 years old and currently, I am in my fourth year of International Business Communication. I have extended my study with a board year. I come from Malden, which is a village next to Nijmegen. Currently I am living in Nijmegen on the beautiful Sint Annastraat. Even though I have known this city my whole live already it never gets boring, and I am not planning on leaving this city soon. This year, I will fulfil the position of Secretary in the 33rd board of Babylon, and I am really excited for this.


In my second year, I was the chair of the Education Committee. It was the first committee I had joined. It was a really good addition to my studies, and I made some new friends. Last year, I was a member of the Publication Committee of Babylon. We have written all the articles for the 4 Babylon Magazines that have appeared last year. It was a really nice committee, and I definitely learned a lot from it. After having enjoyed being a member of these committees, I decided to become a board member. Today, I am proud to say that I am the Secretary of the 33rd board!

Besides my studies I work as a pallbearer at funerals, and I take care of the catering at weddings. They are indeed two completely different ends, but I really like the variety. I play hockey at Apeliotes, which is a student hockey association. I thought it would be nice to leave my old hockey club and start playing with other students from Nijmegen. Besides that, I like to meet up with friends, I like to play games and I love to cook or bake.

As the Secretary, I will be primarily responsible for all communications with members and for editing of the Babylon Magazine. I know for sure to have a great time with my fellow board members and will do everything to make it the best year possible for everyone. f you have any questions or just want to have a chat, feel free to drop by!

Much love, Imke

Secretary 2021-2022


Hello there! My name is Job. I am 20 years old. I was born and raised right here in the oldest city in the Netherlands: Nijmegen. And even though I have lived here all my life, I decided to prolong my presence in this city by choosing to study at the Radboud University. Next year I am going to start my third year of the Dutch track of Communication and Information studies. As I was already familiar with Nijmegen, I could help a lot of my fellow students by showing them what it is like to be a real ‘Nimwegenaar’. As I live near the centre it is no problem for me to walk home after a long night in one of the many bars that Nijmegen has to offer. In the coming year I will be fulfilling the position of Treasurer in the 33rd board of Babylon!


During the Introduction Week in my first year, I was first introduced to the study association Babylon. After the first week I spent getting to know these people, I knew my year was going to be a success. During the Introduction Week I decided that I wanted to be a part of this association and at that moment I chose to become an active member. In my first year I was a part of the CIA (Committee of Informal Activities) and we hosted the monthly ‘borrel’ and all kinds of other fun activities. This committee helped me make new friends in my year and also within the association as a whole, it was a very exciting and fun year. In my second year I chose to join the Weekend Committee and we organised a fun day (usually a weekend but there were some complications) packed with activities. After having been part of these two exciting committees I thought it was time for a bigger step up the ladder and that is when I decided I wanted to do a board year!

As the Treasurer of Babylon, I will have the ultimate responsibility regarding the finances of Babylon. It is my task to make sure our study association stays financially healthy. It is also my responsibility (as for my fellow board members) to make sure you guys have the best time! I am very eager and excited to start next year! Please feel free to come up to me to have a chat. I am always up for it!


Job Coehorst

Treasurer 2021-2022

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Hi there! My name is Sanni Granqvist, and I am 23 years old. By my name you can already see that I am not Dutch but have my roots in beautiful and northern Finland. I moved into the Netherlands a year ago to start my studies at Radboud University and I have truly enjoyed getting to know Nijmegen and the Dutch lifestyle. I am currently in the second year of the IBC track, and I am following the Spanish specialisation. During this year I am very proud to call myself the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the 33rd board of Babylon and additionally, the first-ever international board member of Babylon!


I started my studies during the pandemic and Babylon played a big role in my integration to the Netherlands and getting to know people in the first place. I was an active member and took part in the Graphic Design Committee, where I had the chance to work on the Babylon Magazine and provide content for Babylon’s socials. I have always enjoyed organisational work and that is one of the main reasons why I wanted to apply for the board. Additionally, I really want to provide other students with the same cosy and welcoming feeling Babylon showed to me during my first year.

As the Commissioner of Internal Affairs, I will be responsible for the book sales and maintaining contact with lecturers and professors as well as the educational programme and CIS students. Besides the general board tasks, I will take part in the Study Programme Committee, where we try to maintain and improve the educational programme and I will be the second confidant of the 33rd board. The latter means that you can always come up to me for a chat if something is not sitting right with you regarding your studies or personal life. Furthermore, I am coordinating three committees: the Educational Committee, the Committee of Formal Activities and the International Committee.

In my free time, I love to hang out with friends, go roller-skating, listen to podcasts and enjoy the nice summer days by the Waal. I have danced most of my life and always try to go to different dance classes that the Radboud Sport Centre offers. I hope that I can show those moves on the dance floor during our activities after having (mostly) online activities the past year. I am beyond excited to make this the best possible year for all our members and am ready for the challenges this year will throw at me and my fellow board members!



Sanni Granqvist

Commissioner of Internal Activities 2021-2022

Commissioner of External Affairs

Hey there! My name is Rianne Zwarts and I am 20 years old. This year, I will be in my third year of the Dutch track of our studies (CIW). Originally, I come from Lieren which is a small town near Apeldoorn, but I live in Nijmegen now. I absolutely love living here in Nijmegen! In my spare time, I love being with friends. Besides that, I enjoy doing sports. I have played field hockey for over 15 years in my hometown and now, I like to go to the gym. This year, I will be fulfilling the position of Commissioner of External Affairs of the 33rd board of Babylon.


During my Orientation Week, I decided to become a member of Babylon right away. In my first year, I joined the Prom Committee, and I fulfilled the position of the Chair of that committee. As the name suggests, this committee organises the annual prom. In that year, it was a joined prom with three other study associations. I really learned a lot! Among other things, I learned how to lead a meeting and how to set an agenda. In addition, it was very nice to be responsible for organizing such an amazing event! In my second year, I decided to become a part of the Orientation Week Committee. This committee is completely devoted to organizing the Orientation Week. I learned a lot from this committee, and I liked to be an active member within the association. This is why I wanted to be even more active and responsible within Babylon! I decided to become a member of the 33rd board of Babylon.

As a Commissioner of External Affairs, I will be responsible for all the communication towards the external relations of Babylon. These external relations are for example companies, agencies and sponsors. Besides that, together with the committees I will be coordinating, I will be organizing a lot of fun and interesting activities.

I am really excited for this year, and I will try my very best to make it a great year for everyone!


Rianne Zwarts

Commissioner of External Affairs 2021-2022

Commissioner of Activities

Hey! I am Nathan Miango. I am 21 years old, and I am currently in my fourth year of the Bachelor International Business Communication. I originally come from Gemert in the beautiful Brabant, but now reside in the city centre of Nijmegen. Living in the city centre is amazing. To be able to crawl from bar to bar is the life. This year, I will be fulfilling the position of Commissioner of Activities of the 33rd board of Babylon.


Over the past years, Babylon had become an important factor in my life. At first, I was just a general member of Babylon. I wanted to feel out my first year at university, so I decided to wait before becoming an active member. However, I immediately regretted this decision. I was at almost every party and every activity and became a well-known face in Babylon. I felt like an active member, but I did not bear the title. So, I promised myself that I would join a committee in the next year. Not just some committee, but the most fun committee out there; The Committee of Informal Activities.

Previous academic year I was involved in two committees: The Publication Committee and the Graphic Design Committee. I cared so much for Babylon, that contributing to just one committee was not enough. And now I went a step further: being part of the 33rd board of Babylon. Besides Babylon, I love going out with friends, reading from time to time, writing, watching movies and series, graphic design, going for walks, going to concerts and music. Especially love hip-hop and R&B and discussing music with people, so if you want to talk music sometimes, come see me at the Babylon Room!

As Commissioner of Activities, I am responsible for organising the monthly ‘borrels’, the Ski Trip, the Babylon Weekend, the Orientation Week and many more fun activities in the upcoming year. I think the position of Commissioner of Activities fits me perfectly, because I love to organise activities and I am always enthusiastic and energetic. I am really looking forward to the upcoming year and I hope to organize a lot of fun activities for you, and together with your help! See you!

Nathan Miango

Commissioner of Activities 2021-2022