“Teacher Talks – the Podcast” is a podcast series in which CIW/IBC students chat with professors. This podcast series is an initiative by Jos Hornikx (professor from the Language & Communication department within the Faculty of Arts) and Babylon. With this series, we aim to improve the (more personal) connection between students and teachers, as it is hard to maintain these connections during online classes. Let’s get to know our teachers a bit better! We hope you enjoy!


Episode 1 – Andreu van Hooft


In the first episode, Maud (fourth-year IBC student and Chair of Babylon) interviews Andreu van Hooft (teacher of the Spanish courses). The conversation is about Andreu’s upbringing in Northern-Spain, the path to his current career and the things he likes to do most during his free time. Enjoy!


Episode 2 – Marieke Hoetjes




Episode 3 – Lieke van Maastricht

In the third episode of Teacher Talks – the podcast – are Nathan and  Lieke van Maastricht, assistant professor at the department of language and communication having a conversation about the positive effects COVID-19 had on education and research. 



Episode 4 – Frank van Meurs


In this episode, you hear a conversation between Niek and Frank van Meurs. Enjoy!