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StageMax is a young and dynamic organization that has evolved itself into a full service organization, focussing on the mediation of (graduation) internships and entry-level jobs with plenty of satisfied clients. Yearly, we go through an immense growth with an increasing number of successful matches as a result. Our core business is the mediation of HBO and university interns, graduates and starters. As such, we are the online platform for young talents who are looking for (graduation) internships or entry-level jobs.


StageMax for students

You are a student and looking for a (graduation) internship or entry-level job. You are Googling but you cannot find the forest for the trees. Every company loves to contract you. What to do? Enrol yourself quickly, easily and 100% free of charge at stagemax.nl! Based on a personal conversion with you, we aim to find the perfect match for you (graduation) internship or entry-level job. Our service is 100% costless for students and we work for multiple specializations. You can think of Marketing, Communications, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Finance. Moreover, the specializations of IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Chemistry are relevant too.

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