Mental Health

These times, students often struggle with mental health issues. Having physical contact with peers is very important for your mental health, but unfortunately very hard in these times. Suffering from anxiety, loneliness, depression or other issues as a result of a decreasing mental health is therefore not surprising. On this page, we want to give you some tips about what to do when you are experiencing mental health issues.

Confidant Contact Persons of Babylon

Marit and Coen are the confidant contact persons of our association. If you feel the need for a confidential serious conversation, or if you just want to have a chat with someone, you can always contact them. Marit can be reached at and Coen at If you want some help, but you do not really know where to find the right help, you can also contact them. They are very willing to help you out. Also, for any other problems, such as personal circumstances, problems with regard to your study, etc. you can always contact them.

Furthermore, you can report violations of social safety within the associations at the Confidential Contact Persons. More information about this can be found here

Study Advisors

IBC and CIW have 4 Study Advisors (Lucie, Julia, Jamie and Sara), whom you can always contact if you are experiencing problems with regard to your mental health. At the university, there are multiple offices that can offer you specialised help. The Study Advisors know everything about these offices and can guide you to the one that can help you best. Appointments with one of the Study Advisors can be made via this link.  It is up to you whether you prefer an online appointment or a physical appointment at the university.

Professional help

Praktijk InZicht, Couch Talk & Therapie Vrijzijn

Praktijk InZicht, Couch Talk and Therapie Vrijzijn offer free integrative counselling guidance for all students over the age of 18. Integrative counselling is a short, practical and problem-solving way of guidance, in which all these practices are specialised in. If you want more information, or want to get in touch with them, you can visit their websites. Both Dutch-speaking as well as non-Dutch-speaking students can contact them for help.

Website InZicht:

Website Couch Talk:

Website Therapie Vrijzijn:


Frisse Gedachtes

Frisse Gedachtes is a free platform that can put you in contact with experienced experts and psychology students anonymously. You choose who you want to come in contact with yourself. All their ‘buddies’ have had trainings to help you in the best way they can. More information about their way of working and what they can offer you can be found on their website: or on their Instagram page: @frissegedachtes

Lately, Frisse Gedachtes introduced a new platform, which is called Frisse Gedachtes Walks. Via this platform, you can get in contact with another student to go on (a) walk(s) together. If you sign up, you will receive the contact information of your walking partner at the end of the week to set a date. If you are not in Nijmegen, you can also sign up. In that case, you will receive the phone number of someone to call or FaceTime during a walk. You can easily sign up and find more information via this website: Frisse Gedachtes also offer their services to both Dutch-speaking as well as non-Dutch-speaking students.