Education and Career

In Communication and Information Studies at Radboud University, students are trained to become communication professionals. One of the goals of the study is to train students to be corporate communication specialists who are capable of carrying out research that not only contributes to theory creation in communications, but is also important to an organisation that needs to solve internal or external communication problems.

Companies increasingly recognise the importance of communications: they want to understand the development of communication processes to gain knowledge for improvement; internationalisation requires proper and effective use of language in multilingual communication situations. This intensified focus on communication leads to an increasing demand for language and communication professionals.

Therefore, the study programme includes three main areas of interest:

  • ‘Language and Communication’
  • ‘Business and Organisation’
  • ‘Research’

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In addition, each study programme has a Programme Committee, consisting of both lecturers and student members. Student members represent the students of Communication and Information Studies (CIS) and are elected annually by these same students. Teacher members are elected by the academic staff of the CIS program.

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