Becoming a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of Babylon can be beneficial for your organisation on many levels. A collaboration with Babylon Nijmegen offers:

  • Potential employees: Students of Communication and Information Sciences are practical, internationally aware and broadly oriented. Your company undoubtedly offers internships from time to time and many interns keep working in the same business after graduating;
  • Raising brand awareness: A collaboration with Babylon Nijmegen is an excellent way to gain brand awareness among students. In addition, it creates clarification concerning your business operation. Babylon also works with other study associations on many levels, which means the range of the cooperation is much greater than the actual association and its members;
  • Theory and Practice: The link with the academic world can be a major advantage to your business. Babylon Nijmegen tries to further introduce the link between theory and practice its members, by organising study-related activities which underline this connection. Examples are symposia at Radboud University; guest speakers from the business world during lectures; company visits to your business; workshops or training given by representatives of your business.

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Babylon? Check here what we can offer you!

Advertising opportunities in our Babylon Magazine.

The Babylon Magazine is the official magazine of the association. It is released 4 times a year (A4, circulation of over 650 pieces). Advertisements can cover an entire page, half a page or a quarter of a page. You have a choice between a one-year contract or a contract for a single, one-time advertisement.

Sponsorship logo on our digital newsletter ‘the Babbel’

Our newsletter ‘The Babbel’ is released at the beginning of each month (circulation of over 650 pieces). This newsletter is sent to all members, contributing graduates and other interested parties.

A visit to your company

A company visit can be organised in cooperation with Babylon. Babylon will promote the trip and will gather a group of students who may visit your company for a morning or an afternoon. 

Participation in Business Day

Participation of your company in the annual Career Event . This is a great opportunity to do branding, to present your company and to get in touch with near-graduates. 

Participation in the Babylon Congress

Sponsorship by participation in the Babylon Congress can be done by providing a public speaker, giving a workshop, advertising in the symposiumfolder,  passing out flyers, etc.

Placement of a banner or button on the website of Babylon

This is possible during 1 academic year. The website attracts a rising number of visitors.

Distribution of promotional materials of choice

Think of samples, flyers, flag pins, bags, etc.

An interview with your organization and your employees

This can be done, for example, with a ‘young’ (recently graduated) employee of your company and can be published in the Babylon Magazine or on our website. This interview can be a way of advertising but is also a great way to get our students acquainted with your business. 

In consultation, it is of course possible to create sponsorship packages for your business, for which we can provide package discounts. If you are interested, please contact: