Hi guys! 🙂
My name is Lisa and I’m a member of the International Committee. Today is the last day of our home quarantine stories and it’s my turn to show and tell you a bit about my life back home in Austria.

I’m here since mid-march so 2 1/2 months which is definitely the longest I’ve been home since a very long time. I come from a town called Mariazell which has around 3700 residents and is surrounded by many different mountain ranges. For us to get to a somewhat bigger city takes about an hour by car or 2 by bus. It might sound like a nightmare but in times like these I couldn’t wish for anything better.

Of course, it wasn’t fun either being stuck in one place for such a long time but having so much nature around definitely makes it a lot easier. A week ago I moved to a friend’s house which is in the city called Graz where I used to go to high school and spent most of my teenage life. I came here not only to see my friends again but also to finally finish my driving license which I started during summer last year.

Even though masks and hand sanitizer are still part of the daily life it already feels a bit more like normal. Though, since I’ve mostly been home with my family in Mariazell you get some pictures of exactly that.

We Austrians like to eat big especially on special occasions like Mothers day or birthdays. So here are some pictures of me next to a table of food, my dad in his Lederhosen working the grill and my mom’s baking skills. Also, the sweet little girl in the field of flowers is my niece Lena whom I now get to see a lot more than usual and I love it. I hope you all are doing well wherever you are and I’m already looking forward to give everyone big hugs again.

Bussis (kisses) from Austria!