Hey guys!!

I am Benita and I’m part of the International Committee of Babylon. We decided to show you what quarantine life is like in different countries. If you haven’t seen the posts by the other international members, check them out soon!

When the Uni announced that they will be closing, we immediately packed our stuff and left to not get into trouble with borders being closed. I live in a really, really small town in Northern Germany, which made the beginning of quarantine super hard for me. With nothing to do, except for going on walks with my dog, I had to get used to being around my family again. But after one or two weeks, it was normal again.

Thankfully, the Corona measures aren’t as strict as in Reya’s or Iulia’s case, but we do have to wear masks to go to stores or on public transport. It was scary at the beginning, but now it seems normal to just wear them. The stressfulness of it all hasn’t really affected my small town though. The tragedy that our only flower store had to close down for a few weeks and that the mask dealer of the town is not producing fast enough, were the main conversation topics for a while.

Most of quarantine I spend making music, reading, scrolling through TikTok and studying. I finally started on my new year’s resolutions to work out more and read one book a month, and it’s been going pretty good. When the weather is nice, we take long walks by the water or go on bike rides.

I am also really grateful for FaceTime, ‘cause now I’m able to talk to my friends almost daily. But tbh, I am counting the days until life is normal again and I hope to see y’all soon! 🙂