Hello everyone!

My name is Iulia and I am a member of the International Committee of Babylon! We, as a committee, have decided that it would be nice for all of us to see what the internationals of Babylon are up to back in their home countries. In my case, I came back to Romania in March, after the university announced that exams in April will be cancelled or taken online. I figured it would be better to come home since most of my friends went back to their home countries or in case of my Dutch friends, to their hometowns.

I am from a small town in Transylvania, surrounded by lots of history and beautiful landscapes. Because of the coronavirus, the Romanian government has forced a lot of drastic measures ( we were not allowed to leave our houses without declarations of where and why we are going) and we decided with my family to spend quarantine outside of the city, in our holiday house. Fortunately, the drastic measures have been taken down now.

I believe that all my activities are kinda similar to your quarantine activities too. I have been studying on some occasions, following online classes and keeping in touch with all my friends. Since we don’t have any stores in the village I am now (only 20 people live here) we go once or twice a week in the city to do chores and groceries and everything we prepare is mainly homemade stuff, cause we also can’t order food up here. Besides making lots of food, walking the dogs is something I do everyday and I enjoy the nature everytime I leave the house. This part of the country where I live, it’s still the only place in Europe that has untouched forests by the government or other nations and people who have lived here among the years and now are actually called “Forest People”. I have also celebrated my birthday in quarantine, even though I should have been in Russia with my fellow babylonians on the Study Trip, the birthday “party” still turned out nice. Friends and family came over to celebrate, even though we were not allowed, that did not stop us from getting drunk and having fun.

I hope you and your families are all well and I cannot wait to see everyone again at our amazing borrels.