Dear Babylonians,

We think it’s great that you want to become an active member of Babylon this year! Through this form, you can fill out which committee you would like to join. It is also possible to join two committees! It is mandatory to fill out your top three. Based on your motivation we will divide the committees. Fill in this form before Monday 19 September at 12.00 PM!

An overview of the committees:

  • Career Committee: Organise the Career Event and professional workshops.
  • Congress Committee: Organise the Congress.
  • Committee of Formal Activities: Organise company visits.
  • Graphic Design Committee: Design all the promotion material and the Babylon Magazine.
  • Committee of Informal Activities: Organise all ‘borrels’ and other informal activities.
  • International Committee: Help international students adapt to student life in the Netherlands and organise the Dutch lessons.
  • Education Committee: Inform secondary school students about the study programme and organise e.g. the Family Day.
  • Orientation Week Committee: Organise the Orientation Week.
  • Prom Committee: Organise the prom together with other study associations.
  • Publication Committee: Write articles for the Babylon Magazine.
  • Sports Committee: Organise the Ski Trip and other sports-related activities.
  • Study Trip Committee: Organise the Study Trip.
  • Lustrum Committee: Organise the activities for and  during the upcoming Lustrum year
  • Almanac Committee: Write the Almanac for and during the upcoming Lustrum year
  • Weekend Committee: Organise a weekend away for Babylon members

PowerPoints with information of the committees click here

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